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Warehouse Hours

By Appointment Only.

Please give a 24 hour heads up for requests.

No Sunday Availability. 

Appointment Requests:

Please note that ReNew is a warehouse and not a retail store. If you see a piece online that you would like to view in person, please request an appointment via email at least 24 hours in advance. 


Purchases from ReNew, as well as client-owned pieces, require up front payment. Invoices must be paid before pieces are dropped off. No work will be done without payment.

Payment for Client-Owned Pieces: 


Your invoice payment date will reserve your place in line in the queue. Please be sure you want to have your piece painted/refinished before paying. 

You must own the piece of furniture you are paying to have refinished. 

In the event you change your mind before your piece is due to be worked on, your payment will become a credit for a future piece you want painted, OR it may become a credit for stock that I have for sale. 

As a small business, refunds are very hard on us. Please consider the impact your payment has and be sure that this is something you want. 


Thank you for your understanding. 

Current Lead Time: 
12-14 Weeks

Turn around on all pieces is 12-14 weeks. This applies to every piece whether it is client owned or purchased from ReNew. 

All pieces are different and will be worked on for as long as is needed until they are complete. I will address all issues with each piece which cannot be predicted until it is in the process, so once I start, I will work on it until it is done. Please be sure you are okay with the turn around time before purchase. 

If you would like to inquire about the availability of resources for a quicker turn around, please ask before purchase so I may assess if it is a possibility and add a rush fee.

Furniture Refinishing Process



All pieces are sanded, cleaned, sanitized and have all imperfections addressed before paint. 

Please keep in mind that every piece is previously owned and vintage. I always repair and treat each piece before paint (scratches, gouges, chips etc will be filled and sanded) but vintage is old and loved and each piece will have a small amount of wear and repair.


Each piece will look its absolute best before it is painted!



I only use Gemini Waterbourne Satin Lacquer. It is a durable, cabinet grade paint with a smooth satin finish.



You can choose any color from any brand paint and I can have it matched to lacquer. 

I get my paint mixed locally at Eastway paint. They have the codes for every brand and can match any color you choose!

Color picking tip: I do recommend to clients to get paint chips at any hardware or paint store and take them home to look at in the light of the room your piece will go in. 

Wall color, other decor, lighting and flooring can change the look or tone of a color so if you’re looking to narrow down options this is a good thing to do when choosing. 

I do not need to know your color right away. You have plenty of time to choose before I begin your piece!



I spray all pieces with a satin sheen. 

High shine gloss is an extra clear poly additive sprayed over top of the color and would be an extra charge. It is an additional product and takes more time to do. 

Most pieces do not have gloss added and that would be a good thing to discuss to see if it’s right for your piece if you’re interested in that! 




Most pieces have beautiful hardware that fits the style of the piece. I will polish the hardware of every piece to make it shiny and new again.

If you would like to change out hardware- there will be an additional fee of $10 per hardware piece for filling the old holes and measuring and re drilling new holes. 

New hardware should be provided by the client and shipped to ReNew with your name on it so it can be matched to your piece. 

If you want to use the same existing holes but order new hardware, there is no charge, however you should ask me to measure hole to hole for you so you order the correct size. 

I do not order hardware for you. 

Child Safety Tabs are $5 per tab to apply and should also be send to the shop from the client


Other Customization Options


If you have a different idea or need for your piece please feel free to ask about that so I can see if its a possibility and price that out for you!




Please send all questions for consultation via email. It is hard to keep all of your requests and info together via text or messenger. Please feel free to gather all inspiration pics, ideas and questions so i can get a better idea of what you want and how to help you achieve your perfect piece!  

Client Responsibilities

It is the client's responsibility to provide all color choices, customization options, and any additional add-ons (such as hardware) in a timely manner. Choices need to be made at least 4 weeks before your piece is due to be completed. 

If you need more time to choose your customization options or need to extend your pickup date, please let me know so we may work on another piece in its place that will be picked up. 

If the quoted turnaround period has passed and you have not given any instruction, your piece will be placed in the queue as ReNew sees fit. 

Storage is very limited. It is in the best interest of the furniture quality that it is picked up within seven days of completion to assure the safety and beauty of the furniture. This is a working warehouse with very minimal clean space. 

ReNew is not responsible for any dust, overspray, sun damage, heat/cold damage or exterior damage to furniture after 7 days of completion. Items may need re-painting if left for extended periods of time, and the client may be charged for any extra painting that needs to be done due to neglect. 


Items purchased that receive no communication/instruction after 6 months will be considered abandoned and can be re-sold at no refund to the client. 

Please be aware this is a very limited space area and if you need more time on your decisions we are happy to accommodate if at all possible with notice and communication. 

Pickup & Delivery

Once your piece is finished,  I will contact you. Please pick up your piece within 10 days of completion. I do not have any clean storage space in the shop and pieces should leave very soon after lacquer. It is not a temperature controlled building and it is still a workspace. Your piece will be cleaned once after it is finished. It is best to pick up as soon as possible to avoid dust, heat, cold etc from affecting your new finish. 

I am also short on space so please be aware that a $10 a day charge will be added for every day past 10 days of storage. 


After 30 days your piece can be re sold with no refund to you. 

If you need to change your furniture due date to accommodate your pickup schedule, i need to know before i start it so i can work on a different piece that will be picked up.


I do not offer in house pickup and delivery for any pieces. 

I can recommend professional movers I use. They charge around $100-150 depending on your location and the interior of the property. Professional movers will wrap your piece with blankets and plastic wrap and have safe methods of transport. 

If you choose to do self pickup, please arrange to bring help to load as well as multiple blankets to wrap your piece. The interior of your vehicle can damage your piece. Please note that pieces damaged by self transport can incur a fee for fixing. 


Please make appointments with me for pickup AT LEAST 24 HOURS ahead of time. 

Night before/day of pickups are difficult to accommodate. I do not make appointments for self pickups on Sundays. 

If you book a mover I need to know the date and time you booked so I can move your piece to the door and prep it for pickup.

Recommended Movers

Kenny Nobles: 704-804-0501

Tony McCall: 704-400-5981

Dillards Movers: 704-935-6521

Care Instructions

Wipe any spills immediately. Do not allow hot items like candles or curling irons to touch the surface. Use a dish or protective barrier under candles. 

Do not use any abrasive chemicals when cleaning your painted piece. These will react with the paint causing damage. 

We recommend any household cleaners that have a natural oil in them (almond oil, lemon oil, orange oil) We use the method brand almond oil furniture cleaner in the shop, but as long as it has a natural oil, it will continue to shine and replenish the look of the paint. 

 Damage caused to furniture may incur a fee to be fixed. 

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