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Thank you for your interest in having a piece of furniture you own and love refinished! In order to provide a quote, we need some basic information from you.

First Things First

Please take a look at the following information to be sure our process will work for you.

THE PROCESS: Customer pieces are finished in house alongside ReNew inventory. Pieces are placed in the queue in the order the invoices are paid. 

TURN-AROUND TIME: 12-14 weeks

EXCEPTIONS: If you need your piece by a specific date, we may be able to rush your order for an additional fee. 

RESERVATIONS: If we are able to take on your project after we review your information and consult with you, I will provide you with a confirmed reservation and send you an invoice for your project.

PAYMENT: We do take full payment up front to cover time and materials for all parties involved. Pieces should not be dropped off at the warehouse until your invoice has been paid. 

DROP OFF: Your Items should be dropped off at ReNew (2029 N. Davidson St.) on the agreed-upon dates. If you miss a drop-off window, your item can be rescheduled, but there may be a delay. 


PREPARATION & REPAIR: Before it is painted, your piece will be sanded and repaired to remove any scratches, gouges, holes, etc. so the paint adheres well and the piece looks its very best. If you have specific concerns, like a broken leg or drawer glide, please mention those during your consultation. While normal, minor repairs are included, more extensive repairs or reconstruction may require extra parts and/or added expense.

WOOD REFINISHING: We are now able to offer full wood refinishing! Please let us know if that is the treatment you desire. 


LACQUER: We only spray lacquer paint. Lacquer is the type of product we use is durable, but it doesn't have to be high gloss! We will use a standard satin finish unless otherwise specified.

COLOR SELECTION: You are not limited in your color selection! We can match our laquer to the brand name and color you choose, with a preference for Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore. Your color selection will need to be provided by the time you drop off your piece.

HARDWARE OPTIONS: We clean and polish your original hardware. Or, if you would like to change the hardware on a piece, you may provide it with your drop off. There may be a small fee to fill and redrill holes for hardware of a different size. Please mention that in your consultation.

PICK UP: Items will need to be picked up at ReNew within 10 days of completion, and I will contact you with notice to schedule your pickup. If you require pickup or delivery at your home, we can provide referrals. Pieces left in the shop more than 10 days are subject to a $10/day storage fee.

Sound Good?

If all that sounds good to you, please provide the following information. We'll review it and get back to you right away!

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Thanks so much!

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